Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How To Get a Business Class Upgrade For Free With Three Smart Tactics

The business class is a unique class; it comes in between the first class and the economy class. It is considered to be a luxurious class, but is less luxurious than the first class. In business class you get extra leg space, lie-flat beds, better in-flight service and better meal selection options. It is possible to get a business class upgrade if you pay a few extra dollars, now that's a common concept. But let me tell you a few tactics through which you can get a business class upgrade for free.

Tactic One - Ask For Upgrade In An Overbooked Flight:

One easy and quick method to get a business upgrade is by booking an economy class ticket on a flight which is overbooked. Airlines sometimes overbook their flights and if you are flexible with your travel date and tell the agent that you can volunteer to give your seat to someone else and travel on the next flight. This is will help you in getting the business upgrade as the operator will put you in the business class for the next flight as a favor of your kind gesture. However, keep this in mind that this will not work all the time and if you are flexible with your traveling date then this may work.

Tactic Two - Upgrades For Regular Frequent Flyers:

Frequent flyers that stay loyal with one airline usually collect a lot of air miles on every flight with the same airline. Usually airlines offer a lot of cool benefits to those travelers who frequently fly with them. Hence these airlines, upgrade their loyal customers to business class for free without any charges. The higher number of miles you have and the higher number of your traveling is with the airline the more chance you have for the upgrade. The best way to know about cabin upgrades is by calling the airline and asking them about whether they will be starting the cabin upgrades, the worst answer they can give is a "No", so that's alright taking a chance won't cost you anything.

Tactic Three - Dress To Influence:

In addition to the tactic I first told, add this one as well your overall dressing has a huge impact on getting you a business upgrade. It is just like going for a job interview, your overall appearance is very important for making an impression that you should be considered for the job or not. Similarly, if you are dressed in a professional manner then you air attendant will take you seriously for a business class upgrade. Again, this is not guaranteed method but can improve your chances for the upgrade.

Getting a business class upgrade is not difficult keep on flying with your airlines and collecting free air miles and you can soon get a cabin upgrade.

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