Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top Three International Airlines for Flying to Thailand

Booking international airlines to popular locations in South Asia has become a relatively easier affair. Due to immense boost in the number of passengers traversing in this sector, a number of carriers have started offering commercial operations in this region. There has been a major growth in the industrial sector in this region with the establishment of important office and trade centres at popular cities in this part of the continent. This has led to more scope of air travelling in this part of the world. The continent is replete with a plethora of vacation spots. Both natural and architectural wonders have attracted tourists and globetrotters all round the year, which have promoted the tourism of this place by a fair margin. Such has been the tourist influx in the past couple of decades that a number of low-cost carriers have started operating in this region just to cater to the demand of tourists. Thailand, a popular place for a week long vacation due to places like Bangkok. Phuket and Patong, has become the hub of many airlines. The most popular names here are Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways and Thai AirAsia.

Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways is a regional airline operating from its base in the district of Chatuchak in the capital of Thailand. It operates scheduled flights to a number of locations in India, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Singapore and Maldives. It has Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok as its main operating hub. The airline has a codeshare partnership with a number of leading names in global aviation like British Airways, Cathay Pacific as well as Etihad. For this reason, this boutique carrier can extend its global reach to more destinations across the globe. It operates with a fleet of more than 25 aircraft comprising models from Airbus and ATR. The airline is a popular choice for those who are looking to pay a visit to the famous holiday destinations.

National Carrier of Thailand

The flagship airline of Thailand, Thai Airways, is among the favoured carriers for flying to and from this nation. Operating from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, this carrier started its operations in 1988. It has its presence in 35 nations around the world with a fleet of over 80 aircraft. Travellers who are looking forward to make a Thai Airways online booking can consult travel portals for this purpose. A detailed list of all information about the status of its flights can be obtained on travel websites.

Thai AirAsia

The Malaysian low-cost carrier, AirAsia, has a joint venture with Asia Aviation of Thailand, leading to the operation of Thai AirAsia. Arguably, it is considered among the best service providers in terms on punctuality. Initially, this carrier was also based at Suvarnabhumi Airport, however, it transferred all its operations to Don Mueang International Airport. Tourists can opt for flight plus hotel booking of this airline on travel portals. Those people who are planning to visit this country for a vacation can opt for these airlines.

International Airlines like Thai AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, National Carrier of Thailand are most popular airlines for Flying to Thailand.

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